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Sunday – June 14th

Noon – 6:00PM

Building a STEM Foundation for Elementary Students

Trainer: Karen North and Philip Eaglin
Description:It is critical for students to gain a STEM foundation prior to middle and high school. This exciting, extended workshop will help you learn how you can introduce K-5 students to computer science basics using Each attendee will receive the supplies they need to teach the curriculum to their students.
Recommended devices: Laptop, iPad, Android tablet, Chromebook
Grade Levels: Kindergarten through 5th Grade
Limit: 40

2:00PM – 5:00PM

CSI: Tots and Technology Edition

Trainer: Jered Martinez
Description: There’s been a crime and we need your help! So join us for CSI: Tots and Technology Edition. Explore a variety of tools and apps you can use to solve (and create) crimes. Push yourselves (and your students) to higher order thinking with this fun and engaging activity of authentic learning and real world experiences.
Recommended devices: iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet
Grade Levels: 2nd Grade through 5th Grade
Limit: 70

PK-2 Literacy Centers for the Digital Learner

Trainer: Bruce Ellis
Description: Join us for a fun and interactive time of exploring different centers to support literacy for your 21st century learners. Bring your iPad charged and ready to go as you’ll download and experience a wide range of apps that you and your students will want to use.
Recommended device: iPad 2 or newer
Grade Levels: Kindergarten through 2nd Grade
Limit: 40

Reading, Writing, and Thinking: Become a Chromebook Superhero in Grades 3-5

Trainer: Diana Benner
Description: Get the most out of your Chromebook! This session will harness your collaboration and super creation power by building strong foundational skills. Learn how the Chrome web browser, Chrome Apps, and extensions can create limitless possibilities for your students in the areas of reading, writing, and thinking. Conquer your arch enemy by utilizing your full Chromebook potential to help students read and write purposefully and to prepare them for higher-order thinking skills.
Recommended device: A few Chromebooks will be available to use during the workshop, but it is recommended that participants bring their own Chromebook.
Grade Levels: 3rd Grade through 5th Grade
Limit: 60

Supporting Special Pops with Technology in the Classroom

Trainer: Joe Meza
Description: Whether you have students that are at risk, have dyslexia, require special assistance, or have a 504, join us to learn about fun and engaging tools, apps, and websites that can help you provide a safe learning environment. You’ll leave with many practical ideas and ways to support your students!
Recommended device: Laptop, Chromebook, iPad/iPhone, Android phone/tablet
Grade Levels: Kindergarten through 5th Grade
Limit: 60

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